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Newport PLP 20MW Peak Lopping Power Plant 

Aventurine Climate is proud to present to investors, the opportunity to invest in its new innovative project to develop a 20MW Peak Lopping Power Plant based in the UK. This project is fully prepared for development, with full Planning Consent, an Energy Agreement with the National Grid and most importantly a secured, live Electricity Grid Connection. 

Direct Air Carbon Capture 

The project will also utilise its world leading nonchemical based Direct Air Carbon Capture system, alongside durable Carbon Sequestration, specifically designed to offset the CO2 emissions which are produced by the Plant delivering a Carbon Neutral operation. 

Hydrogen Power 

Furthermore, the Company is pleased to announce that this sophisticated energy generation development has been designed and future-proofed to run on Hydrogen fuels to further decarbonise this energy generation scheme, resulting in greener energy.


The Company is seeking to raise funds of £8.5million to complete phase 1 of the Project, with an expected GDV of £18.25m. 

Proceeds raised from the issue of this first Loan Note will be utilised as follows:

Procurement of Gensets and key electrical items 

Mobilisation of the Site 

Construction of Bases, Switchroom, DNO Sub-station and Gas Infrastructure

A second Loan Note will be offered to investors at a future date, for phase 2 of the Project, which will provide an overall GDV of £26.5m. 

The Company will also include in its future plans the development of utility scale 20MW Solar Photovoltaic Farm, which will be conveniently situated next to the Plant. 

Aventurine has identified that with its strategy, the possibilities to generate high levels of green energy revenue are boundless. With the development of the Peak Lopping Power Plant accompanied by phenomenal new technologies, the Company can act on climate change swiftly and effectively, and most importantly, act right now.

Investment Highlights

  • Minimum investment of only £25,000 
  • 24 Month Income Model 
  • Option 1: 26% return over 24 months, payable at 6.5% every 6 months.
  • Option 2: 32% return over 24 months, payable on maturity.
  • Excellent developer track record Available to HNW and Sophisticated Investor

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